Haitian Children and AFAAD

AFAAD will be issuing a formal statement on Tuesday January 26, 2010.

In light of the rising number of adoption organizations and news stories emerging that are beginning to focus on the children of Haiti and their circumstances, AFAAD will be posting news, discussions, and our own political perspective on these issues.

AFAAD will always put the lifelong needs of adoptees and those in and transitioned out of fostercare above the needs and desires of potential adoptive parents and continues to place the movement of black children from their communities of origin in a larger historical context of globalization, colonialism and race.

Our goal and desire is to keep families and communities together, even in times of trauma and disaster.

What can you do to support Haiti and its children? AFAAD asks you to think carefully and issues you a challenge to think outside the existing system of adoption that continues to insist removal is the only option.

DONATE to Haiti:
Haiti Soliel and
Partners in Health

If you are interested in joining AFAAD as a member or as a supporter of our work, please email afaadinfo (at)gmail.com

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