Call for Submissions – AFAAD Newsletter

AFAAD is seeking contributors for our inaugural quarterly e-newsletter to be published in March 2010 and for future e-newsletters (themes to be announced).  This edition will focus on international adoption and foster care as the standard response to war, natural disaster, and poverty.  While we may place much of our attention to the current humanitarian crisis in Haiti, we invite submissions that position Haiti in a larger historical context of global adoption and foster care.  We also hope to identify possibilities for organizing and activism in support of children and families in distress.

We seek submissions that share experiences, thoughts, insights, research and advice on this theme.  Poetry, short stories, narratives, and other creative formats are welcomed and encouraged.  We also invite suggestions for reprints from print and electronic sources.

If you are interested in contributing, please send a short description (200 words max) of your proposed piece to by Wednesday, February 10, 2010[1].

If you have calendar addition for an adoptee or fostercare alumni event that would be of interest to our members, please write up the date, time, place and 2 line description of the event.

Below are a few questions to prompt your submission:

  • What role has adoption and foster care played during times of international crises?  What commonly accepted interventions border on the realm of child trafficking?
  • What role does public policy play to support and/or enforce the displacement and separation of families?  What case studies can we look to for examples of successful family reunification and kinship adoption efforts?
  • What role do the media play in creating an environment that´s lukewarm at best to the concept of family reunification?

[1] We will notify you if we would like to include your piece in the upcoming newsletter by February 15th and the final copy of your piece will be due by Sunday, February 28th.  Our word limit for final products is capped at 1500 words.

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