Call for Sessions

The Fourth Annual Gathering of
Adopted and Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora

Friday November 11 – Sunday November 13, 2011
2100 Building
2100 24th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144

AFAAD invites session proposals from adult adoptees and foster care alumni who plan to attend the AFAAD Gathering. Panels, discussions, workshops, academic research, presentations, film screenings, performances, art displays and/or other types of sessions are all welcomed and encouraged.

Sessions must be organized by one or more adult adoptee or foster care alumni who will be present at the gathering. Additional guidelines for proposed sessions are noted on the proposal form.

Submission Deadline – Sept 20th, 2011
Gathering Theme: Recovering Our Connections

Submission packets include the following:
1. The Call for Sessions Sheet;
2. A short abstract (less than 75 words) to be included in the Souvenir Program Book–include title, name(s) & affiliation(s) of all presenters

Sample Presentation Descriptions: The following is a sample list of the type of sessions that may be submitted. It is not an exhaustive list and creativity in session planning is encouraged.

Symposia are formatted to allow the interchange and/or discussion of ideas relevant to the gathering theme. Session leaders will provide their original ideas on their topic of relevance/expertise. These sessions can be scheduled for up two hours including brief question and answer periods.

Learning Workshops focus on critical issues of relevance to adoptees and foster care alums and involve an exchange of ideas between participants and presenter(s). These sessions are scheduled for up to two hours including questions and answers.

Panel Discussions assemble a diverse panel of presenters on a specific topic relevant to the theme of the gathering. These sessions are scheduled for up to two hours to include a question and answer period

Performance/ Media / Art Sessions are designed to present artists’ original work addressing the theme of the gathering and of relevance to adoptees and foster alumni of African descent. They can be formatted to meet the needs of the artist.

All Proposals MUST Address Some Aspect of the 2011 Gathering Theme

Possible Topics Include (but are not limited to) the Following Areas:

• Connections between Foster Care and Adoption
• Do I have to Search for my Birth Family? I don’t want to.
• Exploring Black Diaspora Identity
• Foster Care to Prison Pipeline
• Placing International and Domestic Adoption issues in a Social Justice Context
• The Diversity of the Transracial Adoption/Foster Care Experience
• Kinship Adoption and Black Identity
• Search and Reunion/ Relationships with Birth Family
• Adoption from Haiti, Malawi and Ethiopia
• I was given up because I am Black
– Struggling with Racist Relatives
• Favoritism in the extended family
• Lifelong emotional impact of Reunion
• I’m adopted and I have adopted a child
• The language of Being Grateful and Family Loyalty
• Afro-Asians – Adopted from Korea/ Vietnam during War Time
• LGBTQ – Queer Adoptees / Adoptees with LGBTQ parents
• Gender and Adoption – How do we think about how black manhood or woman hood as impacted by adoption and race? Fatherhood? Motherhood? survival tools?
• Same Race Adoptees issues of family, mirroring, identification, search and reunion, Black identity
• Foster Adults – survivors of the foster care system, living institutional lives, what to do now?
• Writing workshops
• Healing Ceremonies
• Taking care of yourself as a professional in the field
• Author presentation (share your books, articles, short stories)

Presenter Notes:

• Audio Visual materials – AV NEEDS MUST BE SPECIFIED IN ADVANCE. A limited number of AV materials (flip charts, LCD’s, overheads, etc.) will be available. Please Indicate Specific AV Needs on the Session Form.

• Proposal Packet – Please send the COMPLETE proposal packet to: PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SUBMISSION PACKETS MUST BE SENT ELECTRONICALLY NO LATER THAN 5:00 PM (EST) ON Sept 20th, 2011. Acceptance will be determined by the Program Committee based on reviewers’ recommendations and program needs.