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Welcome to AFAAD eNewsletter
Welcome to the Inaugural AFAAD Quarterly newsletter! Our goal with the quarterly newsletter is to keep you updated on AFAAD events for adoptees and foster care alumni of color across the nation, to share the work we are doing as an organization and to introduce you to some of our members, collaborators and supporters who are doing such amazing work! Additionally, we plan to provide resources to our members and supporters around the global issues of race, adoption and foster care and to provide a link to critical perspectives, artistic work, films and other resources on adoption and foster care issues as they pertain to children of African descent.During our 2nd Annual Gathering for Adoptees and Foster care alumni in November 2009, AFAAD focused our organizational goals for 2010. In this new year, we continue to stay focused on our membership development, doing outreach to adoptee and foster care alumni networks and growing our numbers.

Also in 2009, AFAAD welcomed the creation and development of our new Minnesota Chapter, located in Minneapolis. We are excited about the growth and interest in supporting black adoptees and foster care alumni across the nation and encourage you to consider starting a chapter where you live!

AFAAD Bay Area Chapter, where our National Office is located, has continued with discussion groups, casual socializing, search and reunion workshops, and continued our education and advocacy work with our membership. It’s been a fun year so far! Keep up with all of our events on our calendar.

The earthquake in Haiti has been a lightening rod for AFAAD’s work around adoption, race and social justice. The magnitude of the earthquake and the damage caused, as we all know, resulted in a large number of Haitian children separated from their families. The speed at which the world has responded with aid, support and rebuilding efforts has been amazing. At the same time, like many organizations, AFAAD has been cautious about the rush to adopt children and remove them out of Haiti without proper reunification efforts. AFAAD has written a statement about our position on Haiti and we continue to support organizations who are interested in supporting Haitian people, families, fathers, mothers and children in their own rebuilding efforts inside their local communities. AFAAD is also developing a speaker’s bureau to provide educational resources for families who have adopted Haitian children by connecting them to black adult adoptees doing trainings and workshops on race, adoption and parenting across the U.S. If you are an AFAAD member and interested in applying to be listed as a resource for families, contact us!

AFAAD’s commitment to advocate for Haitian family reunification has also allowed us to reach out and collaborate across race with other adoptee groups of color that have been doing work internationally.  We are excited to be a part of the Adoptee of Color Roundtable, an international group of adoptees of color dedicated to ensuring there is a space for “adult adoptees of color to explore issues as they become prioritized by us in a manner that allow us to: push ourselves beyond our individual racialized histories in order to examine the global politics of adoption as it impacts people of color across the globe by forming collaborative relationships with other adoptee of color organizations and individual adoptees.” AFAAD is proud to have worked closely with ACR to develop their Statement on Haiti and Haiti’s children.

All of this work around Haiti inspired us to focus our inaugural e-newsletter issue on the multiple perspectives from adoptees and others around the globe who have written and discussed the connections between the ways adoption policy in Haiti is developing and the global histories of international adoption policy have a specific racialized element. We hope you will read and comment on the resources we have collected here.

I look forward to the many e-newsletter issues to come. I encourage you, our AFAAD community, to consider submitting articles, film reviews, op-ed’s, and creative work for publication.

Finally, I want to remind folks of the many ways to become involved in AFAAD’s work. Please consider donating in kind support, funding, or the precious resource of your time. Become a volunteer, throw us a fundraising party, sit on a planning committee, start a discussion group in your area, or join one of our projects that focus specifically on the support of adult adoptees or foster care alumni. We thrive because of your support and energy.

Save the Date! November 5-7, 2010, AFAAD Annual Gathering

In solidarity,

Lisa Marie Rollins
AFAAD Founder & Director

In this Issue
Spring/Summer 2010 Calendar
AFAAD Bay Area

  • May 6th, 7pm-10pm, Dinner and Drinks
  • June 5th Potluck Brunch, 11am – 2pm

Film Screening and Discussion (TBA)

*All AFAAD events are open to adoptees and foster care alumni. Please join our member email list or check our AFAAD calendar page for full event details.

AFAAD Minnesota

  • For upcoming discussion groups or gatherings email Michelle Johnson at meeshahjaye@gmail.com for information and dates.

Other Adoptee and Foster Related Events

  • Ungrateful Daughter Performances by Lisa Marie Rollins: June 3,4, 5 and June 10,11, 12 in San Francisco, CA More information and tickets
  • United States Social Forum workshop in Detroit, Michigan: June 24-28, contact shannongibney@gmail.com for more details.
  • Journal of Korean Adoption Studies Reading and Party: April 30. More info here
  • NACAC’s 37th annual conference on August 12-15, 2011, Denver, Colorado More info here.

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