Membership Benefits


Membership is open to all adult African/ Black/ Multiracial same race, transracial and kinship Adoptees and Foster Care Alumni.

Some youth AFAAD members worked with Summer 08

Some youth AFAAD members worked with Summer 08

Membership Benefits

Members get a chance to meet and connect with other African/ Black/ Multiracial adoptees and foster care alumni. For many members, this is the first time they have met a group of other adoptees or foster care alumni and the first time there is a conversation between our communities. In large part due to its organic support network, AFAD provides members with a safe and nurturing environment for them to work through feelings and questions they may have around their adoption.

Our flagship event is our Annual Gathering, put on in November of every year.

Members also benefit from fun social events, including dinners, happy hours and cultural performances and our annual gathering!

Other Member Benefits:

– Network support for your professional work as an adoption or social welfare worker
– Speakers Bureau opportunities
– Be listed on our website and newsletter calendar with your event
– Opportunity to shape one of the first organizations formed specifically with adoptees and foster care alumni together.
-Opportunity to participate in projects that focus on the global politics of adoption and adoption as a social justice issue.

Member Responsibilities:
Every African/ Black/ Mixed adoptee and foster has a unique adoption story. AFAAD members pledge to respect other members’ experiences. Adoption and Foster care experiences are owned by the adoptee, and only he or she may share that story with others.

The group listserv is a dynamic forum for members to explore the various issues surrounding adoption as a global phenomenon through discussion and debate. While AFAAD does not endorse any of the posts as positions supported or held by the association, it does recognize that every member has the right to post to the listserv. Members post to the listserv understanding that their messages will be read only by AFAAD members. AFAAD requests that all members honor this confidentiality.

To Join:

Want to Support your adoptee?
Are you an adoptive parent? Adoption professional? Adoption supporter? Corporation or Child Welfare organization who wants to support our work? We have a membership and collaborative partnerships for you too! (on hiatus for 2015)