We are Growing!

Nov 2007 AFAAD update:

It’s National Adoption Month and AFAAD is going on our first campaign to let the adoption community know we are here, pushing to support global adoptees, and providing a network. We’re doing a mass mailing this month – we could use volunteers, funding for postage and envelopes. Please help.

We are also excited to announce we’ve chosen our date for the 1st Ever, 1st Annual AFAAD Mini-Gathering! November 6-9th, 2008. Put it on your calendar, tell an adoptee you know, start saving your pennies!

We are amazed at how much this organization is needed. We am overwhelmed each time we meet adoptees in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s 50’s who tell us, “I have never spoken this out loud” or “I have never been in a room with another black adoptee just.. out like this”. We are so thankful that we have the energy, time and focus to do this. (We DONT have the money – so DONATE!!)

We are asking you to start looking out for us! ANY time you find an adoptee or someone who has been part of the foster care system – tell them about us! Tell us about them. We want to support them and let them know they are not alone. We KNOW we are out there!


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